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Build a high performance culture that lasts. PraisePal's employee recognition & rewards platform helps you incentivise employees to drive real results. Fully automated to save you time and money..

PraisePal for employee recognition and recognition

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You’re losing out if your company doesn’t care about recognition

#1 Reason employees quit. They didn’t feel valued by their organisations and managers.1
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Resignations are expensive. Employee turnover costs companies $18,532 for every person who resigns.2
"Recognise Me". Employees say that’s the most important driver for them to produce great work.3
1. McKinsey & Company, ‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours
2. The Economist, ‘The high costs of staff turnover'
3. Great Place to Work

The PraisePal Solution

PraisePal's automated employee recognition and rewards system helps you create a lasting culture of recognition that’s good for your people and your business.
Company Recognition Feed

Praise in Public to Reinforce Positive Behaviours

Instant recognition for instant motivation
Create a culture of celebrating big & small wins
Highlight company values in action
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Automatic Reward Redemption

Motivate & Engage with Global Rewards

Employees can earn points to redeem rewards they love. Pick from custom company rewards or digital gift cards across our extensive brand network.
2,110 +
Gift Card Brands
Countries Worldwide
Advanced Engagement Analytics

Get Full Visibility to Drive Real Results

Lead with data-driven insights. Get powerful reports and actionable analytics to achieve your business objectives.
Identify individual contributors
See how and where work is done
Reduce silos, increase collaboration
PraisePal analytics dashboard
PraisePal integrations
Chat Integration

Sync with popular apps that your team is already using

Unlock the endless possibilities right within the apps you use daily.
Works with Slack, Lark, Mattermost, Teams

Top business leaders have seen real results and recommend PraisePal

Nobody ever worked harder because their company had a 🍕 party or 🧘 class.

Get your employees truly engaged, and stay that way.
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Frequently asked questions

Besides the platform, how does PraisePal help clients?

PraisePal offers expert consultation to help you get the most out of the platform. Our services include customized analytics, communications planning, and ROI analysis to ensure a successful launch and ongoing growth. We also provide strategic guidance on program transition, ambassador engagement, and cultural integration. With our expertise, you'll be able to maximize your investment and achieve your goals.

Why do companies use PraisePal? What do they use it for?

PraisePal lets you set up a points-based system to recognise good work and reward your employees. Build a scalable culture of recognition and boost engagement by empowering everyone to recognise their peers, direct reports, and managers.

How is PraisePal different from current employee engagement activities?

PraisePal stands out from traditional employee engagement activities by offering a personalized, data-driven, and peer-to-peer recognition approach. Unlike generic company-wide initiatives, PraisePal provides customizable and flexible solutions that adapt to individual company needs and goals.

By integrating seamlessly with existing HR systems and tools, PraisePal makes implementation and management efficient. Moreover, it provides measurable ROI and actionable insights, enabling companies to track the effectiveness of their engagement efforts.

This tailored approach fosters a culture of gratitude and teamwork, setting PraisePal apart from conventional employee engagement methods.

What is the science and technology behind PraisePal?

PraisePal's science and technology foundation includes behavioral economics, social recognition theory, data analytics, and machine learning. Its cloud-based infrastructure ensures scalability and seamless integration with existing HR systems. These elements combine to create a cutting-edge employee engagement and recognition platform that motivates and rewards employees, driving business success.

What if my company adopts PraisePal and it fails?

If PraisePal fails to meet expectations, don't worry! You can re-evaluate your goals and objectives, gather employee feedback to understand what didn't work, and adjust or modify the platform to better suit your company's culture and needs.

Additionally, PraisePal's support resources, including our customer success team, training resources, and support services, are available to help you overcome challenges and optimise the platform. By being flexible and open to adjustments, you can still achieve your employee engagement and recognition goals.

How does PraisePal work?

PraisePal is a user-friendly platform for employee recognition and rewards. Companies customise their program, employees praise peers and earn redeemable points, and leaders track engagement and analytics to improve culture. PraisePal integrates with HR systems and communication tools, fostering a culture of gratitude and teamwork.