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Is there a minimum charge?

There is a minimum charge of $1.50/month to start using PraisePal.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel anytime. Subscriptions that are cancelled will continue to run and you continue to have access to PraisePal till the end of the current billing cycle.

Is there a free trial?

There is no free trial available. You can try our cost-effective Starter Plan from $1.50/month per user.

Is there support to help me pitch this to my stakeholders?

Yes, there is support to help you pitch PraisePal to your stakeholders.

As your strategic advisors, the PraisePal team offers expert guidance and support to help you effectively communicate the value of their platform to your stakeholders. With data-driven insights and a results-focused approach, they'll help you build a strong case for implementing PraisePal, ensuring you have the resources you need to succeed.

Are there pilot programs for large organisations?

PraisePal offers a demo for large organisations, which can help you understand how the platform can align with your company values, increase visibility across teams, and inspire remote employees. The demo showcases how PraisePal can drive organisational change, encourage specific behaviours, and reduce silos, all while providing effortless engagement functions. By signing up for a PraisePal account or booking a demo, you can see the platform in action and learn how it can benefit your team.

How much do rewards cost?

The pricing of rewards in PraisePal depends on the redemption options your company chooses. Your workspace comes with 10 pre-configured Company Rewards that align with your pre-set Company Values. You can use these rewards as-is, edit them, or archive them as needed.

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The platform is simple and straightforward to use. The best part is the billing process - the company is only billed upon redemption of the rewards. This saves us the hassle of purchasing and managing pre-paid credits, and ensures that we are only paying for what our users are actually enjoying.

Daniel Ong

Executive, Group Finance & Fund Management, Quest Ventures

Our team is composed of talent across the SEA region and works fully remotely. As a decentralized organization, PraisePal has been very useful for us to engage the team and bridge the gap of being located everywhere. The gift cards is a great additional benefit to the team especially since it comes from their colleagues.

Noelle Natividad

Head of People, Upmesh

Implementing PraisePal for our fast-growing company across Asia was a no-brainer. It helped us build a strong recognition culture while driving remote productivity up, by recognising contributions and motivating our people to do better work.

Joel Leong

Co-Founder & Country Manager, Aspire

This platform is habit forming.

Rey Totoy

HR Manager / IPSYSTEMS Inc

We were looking for a platform that’s user-friendly for sharing appreciation and it’s good that PraisePal was fuss-free!

Cecilia Lee

Human Resources Executive, Toyota Tsusho

It’s been difficult to keep our teams in different countries engaged with each other. PraisePal’s been a saviour in that regard.

Jon Austin

CTO, Nikel

Recognition as a habit is now an indispensable part of our company culture.

Mohan Belani

CEO, e27