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PraisePal brings everyone into one recognition and rewards platform, and helps create positive and unified teams. Here's how you'll craft an incredible company culture (with less work) using PraisePal:
  • Build meaningful relationships through peer-to-peer recognition
  • Streamline workflow with easy-to-use interface and automation
  • Make data-driven decisions with analytics and insights

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The platform is simple and straightforward to use. The best part is the billing process - the company is only billed upon redemption of the rewards. This saves us the hassle of purchasing and managing pre-paid credits, and ensures that we are only paying for what our users are actually enjoying.

Daniel Ong

Executive, Group Finance & Fund Management, Quest Ventures

Our team is composed of talent across the SEA region and works fully remotely. As a decentralized organization, PraisePal has been very useful for us to engage the team and bridge the gap of being located everywhere. The gift cards is a great additional benefit to the team especially since it comes from their colleagues.

Noelle Natividad

Head of People, Upmesh

Implementing PraisePal for our fast-growing company across Asia was a no-brainer. It helped us build a strong recognition culture while driving remote productivity up, by recognising contributions and motivating our people to do better work.

Joel Leong

Co-Founder & Country Manager, Aspire

This platform is habit forming.

Rey Totoy

HR Manager / IPSYSTEMS Inc

We were looking for a platform that’s user-friendly for sharing appreciation and it’s good that PraisePal was fuss-free!

Cecilia Lee

Human Resources Executive, Toyota Tsusho

It’s been difficult to keep our teams in different countries engaged with each other. PraisePal’s been a saviour in that regard.

Jon Austin

CTO, Nikel

Recognition as a habit is now an indispensable part of our company culture.

Mohan Belani

CEO, e27