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A Look Into PraisePal Rewards: Global Gift Cards

For remote employees and global workforces, we know how painfully troublesome it can be to buy a gift for a teammate to show your appreciation for them. It’s a simple gesture but one that takes a lot of logistical work.

With PraisePal, you no longer have to worry about what to give your employees or colleagues; we’ll do the work for you through global gift cards. Not only can you easily recognise teammates worldwide, but the recipients can use their recognition points in exchange for a variety of rewards that they’d actually like and use.

How Global Gift Card Rewards Work

Preview of Global Gift Cards
Preview of PraisePal’s global gift card rewards page. Source: PraisePal

Currently, our gift cards are available in several countries worldwide including Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Take your pick from over 1,000 rewards that have been handpicked and curated according to where you are and where your employees are based.

PraisePal’s global gift cards country list. Source: PraisePal

With your points earnings, you can easily redeem gift cards from your chosen brands and have them automatically emailed to you. No admin or logistics hassle on your end. Both reward types can be redeemed at any time, as long as your points earnings are sufficient.

Here’s a quick glance into our list of global gift cards up for grabs.

Redeemable Global Gift Card Rewards

Global Gift Card Rewards List

1. Shopping

Global Gift Cards - Shopping

Because it’s an add-to-cart kind of day.

2. Experiences

Always wanted to try the AJ Hackett bungee jump or perhaps go flyboarding in Malaysia? Now’s your chance.

3. Dining

Global Gift Cards - Dining

Who doesn’t love the occasional dining discounts and vouchers?

4. Beauty & Wellness

Global Gift Cards - Beauty & Wellness

For that long overdue pamper sesh.  

5. Travel & Transportation

Global Gift Cards - Travel

From airline providers to online travel platforms, save on your next trip simply by using your points.

6. Charity & Donations

Global Gift Cards - Charity

Make a difference and give back to a charity of your choice.

7. General & Others

Global Gift Cards - General

Software subscriptions, streaming services, and other gift cards filed under ‘miscellaneous’.

View the complete gift cards catalogue here.

Have a brand you’d like to see?

Despite having over 1,000 partner brands, we’re always on the lookout for more global gift card brands to add to our roster to keep our customers happy with variable rewards.

So if you have a brand you’d like to see and what to see how PraisePal rewards work for yourself, book a demo with us today and we’ll take it from there.

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