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How 500 Global Drives Impactful CSR Efforts by Aligning Them With Company Goals

Whether you’re a founder of a small business or a large corporation, you’d be familiar with the term ‘corporate social responsibility’.

The purpose of this business practice is to encourage companies to take a stand on wider social issues, contribute to underserved communities and causes, and show customers that they’re not just in the business of making money.

Your CSR Initiatives Are a Reflection of Your Company Values  

Although CSR efforts are ultimately based on good intentions, many companies today are blatantly using CSR practices for an entirely different purpose: a one-off marketing ploy to attract and lure consumers.

Once you start focusing too much on how you’re perceived by your audience instead of how your company can truly make an impact in society, it becomes all fluff and no action; your employees and customers will see right through you.

To steer clear of falling into this category, it’s essential to align your initiatives with your company values.

For the 500 Global team, they started their very own campaign that’s both aligned with their company values and contributes to one of the most immediate humanitarian crises today—all by using PraisePal points.

How PraisePal Motivates Charitable Employees With Public Recognition & Points

From using points as rewards for employee-initiated fitness competitions to giving them as gifts or tokens on memorable corporate occasions, we know by now that there is more than one way to use PraisePal points.

But did you know you could also start your own company-wide campaigns?

This year alone, the 500 Global team managed to launch two company-wide campaigns to encourage employees to uphold their organisational values. The one that struck us the most was their initiative to match their employees’ donations one-on-one, each time someone would make a donation to the ongoing international crisis in Ukraine.

Every time someone would make a donation, their leader, Ee Ling Lim, would also award them with a public recognition message and points to praise them for their good deed. Since the recognition makes an impact, it instantly increases the visibility of the good deed and encourages others to do the same as well.

The impact that recognition can have on your team. Source: PraisePal

Team members of 500 Global just wanted to make a difference even in a seemingly little yet impactful way.

With PraisePal, we remove all possible logistical barriers to make it simple for you to contribute to causes you care about.

Sample recognition message on PraisePal. Source: PraisePal

No need for the traditional donation process that involves entering your card details and personal information, waiting for donation receipts, and what-not—all you have to do is use your points.

Revitalise Your Internal CSR Efforts with PraisePal

While this initiative was done internally and only meant to be implemented company-wide, we could all learn a thing or two from 500 Global’s inspiring customer story on what corporate social responsibility should look like.

Instead of creating efforts solely centered around today’s most talked-about social issues in hopes to attract bigger audiences, aligning your CSR programs with your company values will go a longer way.

When your employees see that you are committed and leading by example, they are more likely to stay engaged and motivated, knowing that their business leaders are walking the talk.

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