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Meet Elsie Yung: From 20 Years Leading Corporate HR to Starting a People-Focused Consulting Firm

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

With over 20 years of experience leading Human Resources for large corporations, Elsie has honed her skills in creating people-centric strategies that drive organisational success. Elsie’s journey of HR expertise include her impressive background working with renowned companies in positions such as Head of Human Resources - Aesop, Head of People - Jetstar Airways, and leading HR in Qantas. Her passion for HR, coupled with her commitment to helping businesses thrive, makes her a sought-after advisor in the field.

Recently, she embarked on a new chapter of her career by starting her own consulting firm, offering tailored People solutions and Development programs to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Elsie Yung's journey, exploring her experiences, insights, and the inspiration behind her transition from corporate HR to consulting. Join us as we gain valuable wisdom from Elsie's wealth of experience and discover how her innovative approaches can revolutionize the HR landscape for SMEs.

Hi Elsie! Please tell us about your experience working as a Strategic Human Resource Professional.

I have more than 25 years of experience working in multinational companies across Asia, Australia and the UK as a Strategic Human Resources professional, Colour Consultant and Keynote Speaker.

As a People and Development expert, I specialize in providing customized solutions for organizations, teams and individuals in the areas of sales effectiveness, global mindset and cross-cultural intelligence, global leadership, diversity and inclusion, and cultural awareness.

I also strive to increase self-awareness through learning about one's strengths and how to bring them out to build self-confidence. To elevate business effectiveness and results, she supports leaders with the management of organizations and individual brands.

My passion is to share my own experiences with managing different seasons of life. A motto I live by is "Flexibility, Humility, and Continuous Positivity".

What were some of your top learnings from those corporate years?

During my years as a corporate HR professional, I gained essential insights into handling the human aspect of business. Some of my key learnings include embracing resilience and cultivating a calm demeanor. By developing a resilient mindset, I learned to adapt to challenges and bounce back stronger. Maintaining composure in high-stress situations enabled me to make sound decisions and effectively deal with interpersonal conflicts.

Moreover, I honed my skills in strategic thinking, fostering a holistic perspective, challenging the status quo, and enhancing emotional intelligence. By analyzing complex situations and aligning HR initiatives with overall business objectives, I was able to drive innovation and continuous improvement. Developing empathy, active listening, and self-awareness contributed to my success in building relationships and fostering a positive work environment. These learnings have shaped both my professional growth and personal development, providing a strong foundation for navigating the world of human resources.

Why did you start Elsyung Consulting?

Elsyung Consulting was born out of a desire to help people by leveraging my extensive HR professional experience. I firmly believe that the success of any company ultimately relies on its staff, and my mission is to unlock their full potential. By offering guidance and sharing my insights, I aim to bring out the best in employees, ensuring that their contributions are instrumental to the company's growth and development.

In addition to sharing my HR expertise, I am passionate about empowering working mothers, like myself, to realize that they can achieve remarkable feats while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Through Elsyung Consulting, I strive to serve as a role model and mentor, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to excel in one's career while nurturing a fulfilling family life. By sharing my personal experiences and lessons learned, I hope to inspire a new generation of strong, capable working parents who can confidently navigate the challenges of both worlds.

Our company provide holistic solutions in order to help owners focus on growing their business with highly engaged teams, creating social impact, and following the Taoism philosophy in order to find their purpose and meaning in life.

We believe that a successful business is built around people, which is why we take a people-centric approach to our consultancy services. Our signature "Balance of Life" program is designed to help individuals to strike a balance between their career and personal growth. Elevating capabilities, empowering women, and improving well-being are among the sustainable goals that businesses can pursue in order to maintain growth.

Which locations does Elsyung Consulting provide services to?

We are based in Hong Kong, and the business is predominantly servicing clients from Hong Kong, Japan and other parts of Asia markets.

What are the main problems/challenges your clients come to you with?

Our clients often approach us with a diverse range of challenges that impact the overall health and success of their organizations. As an enterprise doctor, we specialize in addressing these concerns through our expertise in people practices. Some of the most common issues our clients face include employee engagement, retention, and skill development.

Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of any organization, and our clients frequently seek solutions to enhance motivation, commitment, and productivity. Another prevalent challenge is employee retention, which involves identifying the factors that contribute to high employee turnover and formulating strategies to foster loyalty and satisfaction. Lastly, addressing the lack of skills within an organization is essential for growth and competitiveness in the market. We work closely with our clients to identify skill gaps, recommend targeted training programs, and facilitate the development of a skilled workforce that drives organizational success. By offering comprehensive solutions to these challenges, we help our clients prevent, cure, and sustain the health of their organizations.

Who are some of your clients and their companies?

HK Science & Technology Park, HK Arts Centre, Medical Technologies Limited, SecurePlus, RaSpect, Konica Minolta, Sports Travel & Hospitality Japan, Legacy Artisan, AMP Capital Japan

Can you share some success stories that you have achieved with your clients?

Elsyung Consulting has been engaged by two companies to address their unique HR challenges. The first, a rapidly growing AI organization, required a comprehensive approach to revamp their HR function. The second, an immigration company, sought assistance in improving employee engagement and structuring HR practices. Both companies now benefit from ongoing retainer services.

Case 1: Holistic HR Transformation

1.  Dedicated Senior HR Executive: We recommended hiring a Senior HR Executive to better manage the expanding HR demands.

2.  Performance Appraisal Process & Workshops: We introduced a performance appraisal process, job grading, short-term incentives, and organized workshops for goal-setting and performance conversations.

3.  Strategic HR Initiatives: We helped the company to identify key priorities for the next 3-6 months, focusing on HR records, housekeeping, and developing an onboarding program.

4.  Ongoing HR Advisory and Mentoring: We continue to provide strategic HR advice and mentorship to the CEO and HR staff.

Case 2: Enhancing Employee Engagement

1.  CEO Coaching: We coached the CEO to make HR practices more structured, leading to improved employee engagement.

2.  Updated HR Policies: Essential HR policies were revised to give staff clearer guidelines on their work practices.

3.  Performance Review Elements: We supported reshaping the performance review process, enabling staff to better engage and deliver on their KPIs.

4.  Ongoing Support: The firm continues to work with the immigration company on a retainer basis, ensuring the successful implementation of their recommendations.

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