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The PraisePal Solution

What is PraisePal? How does it work?

PraisePal is the #1 workplace recognition and rewards tool used by 10,000+ global teams. 
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[2022] 30 Venture Capital Funds and Investors in Singapore: Series A & B Funding - Southeast Asia Startups

Gearing up for Series A or B? Take a look at this extensive list of local venture capital funds and investors for your next funding round.
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Marketing Automation for Startups: What is it, Top Free Tools [2022]

The top automation tools you need to achieve all your marketing goals.
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We’re changing our name: RewardNation is now PraisePal (

We’re putting our name where our mission is. RewardNation is now PraisePal (
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Case Studies

How this COVID-Native Startup is Finding Belonging Remotely Through a Culture of Appreciation

He started a company during the pandemic where their employees have never met in person, while everyone worked remotely across 3 continents. See how Handprint’s CEO did it.
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Employee Recognition

50 Remote Employee Recognition Ideas Suitable for Asia Teams: Appreciation Programmes for Remote Work and Examples from Real Companies in 2022

The top remote employee recognition ideas tailored for companies with remote teams in Asia, to boost employee engagement, increase team morale, and lower turnover rates.
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How we increased our investor engagement by 10x with one small change

Read on to know what we did to increase investor engagement --and how you can also have it for your company in just one simple step.
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