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What is PraisePal? How does it work?

Friday, March 18, 2022

PraisePal is the #1 workplace recognition and rewards tool used by 10,000+ global teams.

High-growth tech companies use PraisePal to align culture, grow engagement, and retain talent from anywhere. Including teams from TikTok, Lazada, and 500 Global.

Whether you’re an existing customer or recently stumbled upon our page, it wouldn’t hurt to give you guys a little refresher on what PraisePal is all about.

How does PraisePal work?

1. Give recognition to anyone instantly

Give Recognition - Step 1.png

Give Recognition - Step 2.png
Give Recognition - Step 3.png

Just like sending a simple text, team members can send their recognition messages via Slack or Teams in just a few clicks. Cross-functional teams can instantly recognise their teammates from anywhere, and everywhere.

No more feeling the guilt of ‘forgetting’ or being ‘too busy’ to appreciate your colleagues!

Along with these messages, employees can incorporate their company values in the messages. To reinforce their ethos and show which positive behaviours are encouraged. This helps employees see their corporate values in action instead of just in their company handbook.

After all, instant recognition = instant motivation!

2. Make praise a habit through a simple points-based system

PraisePal Recognition Feed
PraisePal recognition feed and points-based system. Source: PraisePal

It’s common for employee engagement initiatives to die down after an initial hype. Here’s how PraisePal users maintain an average 87% engagement rate year after year.

PraisePal runs on a unique points-based system, where users have a fixed number of points to give away each month along with their recognition message.

Regardless of your company’s chosen price plan, these points will be refreshed on a monthly basis. This creates a habit loop, encouraging employees to make recognition consistent and part of your everyday company culture.

Employees can also accumulate points earned from being recognised by others, to redeem meaningful rewards around the world.

With variable rewards acting as a trigger for action, it encourages a constant engagement loop within the team, ultimately paving the way for a habit of recognition to be built.

3. Recognition messages are published on a company-wide feed

PraisePal Recognition and Rewards Tool Preview (1).png
Preview of company-wide feed with recognition messages. Source: PraisePal

All recognition messages are published on a company-wide channel for all to see.

Being appreciated in public, instead of just through a simple DM, increases the impact of the recognition on the receiver.

The company-wide feed also enhances visibility across teams. The intention is to help other employees be aware of the positive behaviours that are being encouraged, and feel motivated to do the same.

Perfectly suited for remote teams, who can now celebrate big and small wins together, and build morale and collaboration across different time zones.

You may have also noticed that we don’t do leaderboards here at PraisePal, where only the top few employees being recognised would be featured. We intentionally left it as such, to foster a collaborative culture organically instead of turning it into a competition among colleagues.

4. Redeem over 1,000+ unique rewards

PraisePal Rewards Page Preview
Rewards page on the PraisePal portal. Source: PraisePal

After receiving recognition messages and points from your colleagues, what’s there left to do? Treat yourself.

With your accumulated points, redeem a wide variety of rewards at any given time through the PraisePal portal. Take your pick from two types of rewards: global gift cards and custom company rewards.

About Global Gift Cards

Our global gift card rewards are redeemable worldwide from over 1,000 unique top partner brands and includes everything from shopping, experiences, dining, beauty and wellness, travel and transportation, charity and donations, and software brands. All rewards are automatically emailed to the users, with no admin or logistics hassle on your end!

About Custom Company Rewards

For custom company rewards, this is where you can have a little fun and customise rewards aligned with your culture. This can be anything from company swag, a two-hour lunch break, or even an entire day of zero meetings!

Both reward types can be redeemed at any time, as long as your points earnings are sufficient. You’ll also be happy to know that your earnings points for rewards don’t have an expiration date, so you can use them as and when you like.

How PraisePal Can Help You & Your Team

  • Align company values: The best way to see your company values in action is through your employees. When you have employees that embody what your company stands for, you create lasting organisational change that actually sticks.
  • Increase visibility across teams: Facilitate better communication and seamless workflows for your employees, while creating a positive workplace culture for all.
  • Remote rewards for remote engagement: Inspire and motivate your remote workforce no matter where they are in the world. Global reward logistics are made seamless and automatic for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which countries do you have rewards available in?

Our global gift card rewards are currently available in Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and dozens of other countries.

Each of our rewards have been handpicked according to where you are and where your employees are based. See a preview of our global gift card rewards here.

2. Can I sign up for my team even if I’m not in HR?

Absolutely! If you feel that your team would benefit greatly from a workplace recognition and rewards tool like PraisePal, feel free to book a demo with us to see it for yourself.

Through our live demo, we’ll walk you through how PraisePal can help you and your team drive organisational change to consistently grow your business through a culture of recognition.

3. Do you integrate with Slack or Microsoft Teams?

Yes, we seamlessly integrate with major business communication platforms including Slack, Teams, Mattermost, and Lark. No additional software downloads required for a hassle-free onboarding experience.

4. How do we pay for it?

For the Starter and Team plans, customers will be billed annually on a per-user/month basis. Depending on your company’s growth needs, you have the option to pick the price plan of your choice. Check out our pricing here.

Need help deciding the ideal plan for your team? Get in touch with our Sales team for personalised recommendations.

See PraisePal in Action

Looking for a way to reward your employees efficiently while building a habit of recognition for your team? Then you’ve come to the right place.

While PraisePal is pretty straightforward, it’s still best to see exactly how it works firsthand.

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